About Us

CoolHandle Los Angeles Data Center

CoolHandle started as a group of IT professionals in early 2001 to introduce a new standard in the fast changing environment of web hosting. Our mission is to achieve your 100% satisfaction, which is guaranteed by our professional service and friendly support. With over a decade of web hosting experience on various hosting platforms and operating systems, particularly Apache and Linux, we bring a wealth of knowledge and the capability to handle any hosting needs. This experience also comes with the support and knowledge our customers have come to rely on. We ensure that customer’s questions are resolved timely and effectively and from our friendly and respectful customer support team.

CoolHandle Los Angeles Office

CoolHandle prides itself in customer service quality and dedication to offering the best possible product. You aren’t just a number to us — you’re a long-lasting, on-going relationship. We can cater to all the intricacies of your business by fine-tuning our service to your goals. We want to work with you to make your brand better and your customers happier!