Merchant Services

We deliver high-risk tolerant merchant services tailored to Internet marketing.

All sustainable Internet marketing businesses need a rock-solid merchant service. Stop dealing with Clickbank, PayPal, or any other merchant service that puts tons of restrictions on what type of products you sell, how you sell them, and when you receive your money. We have worked with key partners to deliver high-risk tolerant merchant services that understand the requirements of the Internet marketing community. Our Concierge team will work to deliver a complete merchant solution for your product or service. In addition to facilitating the merchant processing, we offer complete merchant management services. We offer payment processing and chargeback management, billing support for your customers, and affiliate payouts.

Turn-key Solution
Whether it’s your first merchant account, or you’re a seasoned Internet veteran, we can completely take care of the entire setup for you. We offer the complete setup; install, host, and integrate the billing system with your existing website or order process. All this will be done the most secure and timely manner.

Trust and Privacy is Critical
We know how important a reliable and trustworthy merchant is to your business. You don’t want just anyone to process your payments. You need someone that has been around and will be there for years to come. We have been in business since 2001, PCI compliant and Truste approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Approval process

    Because we are not a traditional merchant account processor, we review each applicant individually. We work with you to create the ideal setup for approval.
  • Reserve?

    Depending on the your volume and any previous history, we may apply a reserve to transactions. We use industry-acceptable limits for merchant reserves.
  • How often do you pay merchants?

    We pay merchants every 2 weeks.
  • And how often do you payout affiliates?

    We can create a flexible payment schedule based on your needs and business. Typically affiliates are paid monthly, but custom schedule can be setup.