Software Installers

Our software installers increase your conversion, revenue and customer statisfaction, while the reducing your cancellation rates and customer service requests.

Having your customers install their own software is “old-school”. The fastest way to improve conversions and decrease cancellation is making your product easy to use, or completely turn-key. We know how hard it is to sell and support your product. Your customers need additional help with your software and that’s where Concierge by CoolHandle steps in. Let us take the fuss out of training your customers how to install your product. We will create a simple, easy 1-click, installer for your product or software. Our software installers take the guesswork out of the process for your customers. Your customers get online and start using your product sooner. By reducing the friction of this process, your customers will be more successful with your product and service.

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Online software is cumbersome for many junior Internet users to install. There are many steps that can be confusing; downloading software, install and contact to FTP, create databases, and more.

Success Stories

Profit Jackpot

When Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim needed a web hosting partner to offer tuned hosting to their Internet marketing product and customers, they turned to us for a proper setup.

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