Tuned Hosting

Not all hosting is equal. CoolHandle hosting sets itself apart from other hosting companies by placing great care in the tuning of our services.

Other hosting providers feel that it’s a “one size fits all” when it comes to your hosting solution; we disagree. We understand the needs of Internet Marketing products services. To maximize the performance of your Internet Marketing products and services, we tailor our services to offer maximum performance. We constantly monitor, review, and re-review the needs of individual software.

What does this mean to your and your product?
Having a better hosting partner and services means that you will have happier customers. When you have happier customers, you will get fewer cancellations, less support requests, and better future conversions from your launches and services. Bottom line – you make more money!

Tuning Methodology
It takes proper testing and review to have a truly tuned hosting platform. Our team will work with your software or service to properly test, benchmark, and re-test until we get the ideal performance. Our methods will allow your service or software to work properly and scale. Weather you have 1 customer or 10,000, having a tuned hosting solution is ideal for maintaining the highest level of performance.

Success Stories

WordPress Mage

Other hosting companies couldn’t support the needs of Mage users, so we offered a custom tuned solution.

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